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Advanced solutions for traditional metering applications

Algodue power metering devices for commercial & industrial applications

Algodue's range of metering devices for use in commercial and industrial power monitoring applications offer a portfolio of kWh meters, multifunction power meters, class A power quality analysers, and Rogowski coil solutions.

Some of the key features include integrated webservers in all meters with Ethernet, multifunction power meters that allow direct connection of Rogowski coils, and advanced power quality analysers with wave form display and event recording capabilities.


Unlock the power of cloud reporting

Smappee modular energy management solutions with cloud-based reporting

Smappee's Infinity system offers a modular solution to energy monitoring and load control. With a cloud-based reporting platform boasting the ability to monitor 28 circuits plus gas and water meter monitoring, there has never been such versatile and cost effective metering solution.

Add control and condition based automations and the Smappee Infinity system can be utilised as a complete energy management system in both commercial and residential applications.

Make your EV charging smart

Smappee EV charging solutions with smart control & dynamic output capabilities

Smappee's EV Base and Wall chargers offer an advanced solution for both residential and public, fleet, and commercial charging applications. When integrated with the Smappee Infinity system the chargers can prioritise consumption of solar and off-peak power to maximise savings.

With added circuit overload protection the output of these EV chargers can be dynamically controlled to stay below a certain level, ideal for applications with multiple chargers connected to the same supply.


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Add smart automations via the Smappee app to control loads based on energy parameters


Use third-party services like IFTTT to integrate with other smart devices

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VPT was extremely helpful in providing technical data about the Smappee product range which I was considering for a power monitoring application. I purchased the system and it was a breeze to install and setup. Now I have real-time power data to evaluate the size of solar installation required for my property. Eric Schwantler
We've installed Smappee in our home and are enjoying being able to learn more about our electricity use and how much solar is saving us. Vista Power were super helpful. I definitely recommend them as they definitely look after you and your needs. Trish Foster
Absolutely blown away by this product! First of all the initial advice from Vista Power was extremely informative and gave me great insight to the world of power monitoring. The Ease of Installation was another great thing, once you have a reference supply the rest is just plug and play! Everything came up an absolute treat - anything to do with power monitoring especially remote monitoring Vista Power will be our go-to! Josh Halit - OneSpark Electrical

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