Smappee Infinity

Energy Monitoring & Smart Load Control has Never Been Easier


What you get with Smappee Infinity

By installing a Smappee Infinity system, households and businesses can see the power they are consuming (and producing) in real-time, allowing for informed actions to be taken to reduce energy costs and optimise consumption of solar power.

The Smappee Infinity platform provides a plug and play power monitoring and smart control solution that can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified electrician.

  • Monitor circuits and appliances via current clamps, Smappee Switch, or NILM
  • Monitor gas, water, and other power meters via pulse output 
  • Control circuits and appliances manually and automatically via the smartphone app
  • Use IoT integrations with other smart devices for a connected home or workspace
  • Utilise smart EV charging technology to prioritise solar power and off-peak rates

Modular & Expandable Design

Can be Developed to Suit Almost any AC Power Monitoring Application

Smappee Infinity provides a modular energy monitoring and control system that can be utilised as a full energy management system for both homes and businesses.

Smappee users can gain actionable insights into their energy usage, allowing them to implement strategies to reduce costs and environmental impact either by changing how and when they use appliances directly or by adding automatic control which is possible with the system.

In commercial applications multiple Smappee Infinity systems can be used across a site with all real-time and historical data being made available via the online dashboard or smartphone app. 


Advanced Reporting From Anywhere

Use the Online Dashboard & Smartphone App for Real-Time & Historical Reporting

The Infinity system connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or a 4G USB dongle (gateway dependent) allowing users to view their site energy data in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Smappee Infinity collects real-time and historical power usage and production data (down to the appliance level), resulting in actionable insights into your energy usage.

By combining traditional sub metering clamps, the Smappee Switch and patented appliance recognition technology, Smappee offers the most complete and comprehensive set of sub metering options available on the market.


Multiple Power Monitoring Options

Direct Monitoring with Current Clamps

The main method for capturing power usage with the Smappee Infinity system is with the use of split core CTs or Rogowski coils suited to the application. These can be added to the main incoming circuits and to sub-circuits in the switch board. E.g. lighting, general power, oven, boiler, HVAC, solar inverter, battery inverter, standby generator, etc. Typically accurate to within 1%


Appliance Monitoring with Smappee Switch

Whilst allowing for wireless control of appliances on the network, the Smappee Switch also has the ability to measure consumption of the controlled appliance and feed the data wirelessly to the Genius gateway. With a wireless range of up to 20 meters and the ability to create a mesh network, users can add up to 20 Smappee Switches to a system. Typically accurate to within 1% allowing for detailed appliance usage and cost data.


Non Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM)

Utilising Smappee's patented machine learning algorithims the Smappee Genius has the ability to identify appliances on the network by measuring their unique usage characteristics. This means only a single measurement point installed at the main incomer can provide valuable data on individual appliance consumption. This technology typically provides 70-90% accuracy and is suited to providing insights into high consumption appliances.


Add Gas & Water Monitoring

Monitor the Pulse Output of Gas, Water, & Other Power Meters

By utilising the Smappee Input Module, users can connect to the pulse output of existing gas, water, and power meters allowing for metering of all utilities in a household or business.

Add up to 10 Input modules (totaling 40 inputs) to an Infinity system with the Genius gateway.

With this capability, the Smappee Infinity system can be utilised as a full energy management system to monitor consumption of all utilities.

water monitoring-app

Control Circuits, Appliances, & IoT Devices

Options are Endless with Direct & Cloud-Cloud Control Capabilities

By utilising the Smappee Output Modules and Smappee Switch, users can control circuits and appliances via the smartphone app and third party platforms like If This Then That (IFTTT).

  • Add up to 10 Output Modules (totaling 20 change over relays) to an Infinity system.
  • Add up to 20 Smappee Switches to an Infinity system.
  • Control countless smart devices using IFTTT, Home Assistant, or custom integrations.

With these capabilities, the Smappee Infinity system can provide smart control of loads and appliances based on a range of different scenarios.



Device Data Sheets
Installation Manual

Maximise Savings & Control Over Your Costs with Wholesale Rates

Vista Power Technologies has partnered with Amber Electric, an electricity retailer that offers real-time electricity market rates directly to their customers.

Amber Electric pass on the actual electricity market price and network tariffs, only charging a fixed monthly management fee for this service. 

Accessing wholesale electricity prices can lead to significant cost savings.

As an Amber Electric partner we can offer a $40 credit just for signing up. By purchasing a Smappee Energy our customers can receive a further $60 credit, or a further $120 credit with the purchase of an Infinity system.

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